Orijen Dog Freeze-Dried Singles Free-Run Duck Treats


  • Description

    Orijen's Freeze-Dried Free-Run Duck Dog Treats are made with Free-Run Muscovy Duck. Orijen Freeze-Dried Treats are prepared without cooking in order to ensure that they retain all of the natural goodness of the authentically fresh ingredients contained in them. Orijen's freeze-dry kitchens are equipped with nitrogen tunnels, which flash-freeze the ingredients at extremely low temperatures, locking in their life-giving nutrients. An 18-hour freeze-drying process occurs afterwards, which gently converts the water frozen in the ingredients into ice vapor, which means that only water is removed from these fresh ingredients, leaving behind all of their goodness in concentrated form.

    Key Benefits:

    - 100% meat and 100% natural

    - All meats are delivered daily FRESH (refrigerated, without preservatives) or RAW (flash-frozen, without preservatives), then gently freeze-dried

    - Nutrient-dense WholePrey ratios of fresh meat, organs and cartilage provide a natural and richly nourishing resource of virtually every nutrient your dog needs to thrive

    - Gently freeze-dried in Orijen's kitchens without cooking or preservatives, to lock in natural, life-giving goodness

    - Guaranteed nutrient analysis that mirrors what your dog would consume in nature - a protein-rich diet without any carbohydrates or grains

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