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My Perfect Pet Frozen Low Glycemic Blends

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    * PLEASE READ * - This product is ONLY available for in-store pickup or local delivery within 10 miles of the store. If an order is placed for shipping, the order will be canceled.

    When your furry kid needs a diet extremely low in carbohydrates or with a lower calculated glycemic load, our Low Glycemic Blends are a great dietary choice. Choose from our Chicken, Beef or Turkey blends. These Personal Care formulas include low glycemic index ingredients, such as very lean meats and low-carbohydrate veggies like broccoli and green beans. By eating the right diet, your dog will feel better, have more energy, and live longer.

    - 100% complete and balanced nutrition

    - No need to supplement with vitamins or minerals

    - Low glycemic load

    - Choose from chicken, beef, or turkey flavors

    Fresh Products

    - Fresh, Whole Food

    - 100% Human Grade Ingredients

    - Natural & Holistic

    - 100% Balanced & Complete

    - 100% Nutritional Disclosure


    - No ground bones/frames

    - No preservatives

    - No corn, wheat or soy

    - No beet pulp or sugars

    - No synthetic vitamins

    - No gluten



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