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Elevate Canned Dog Food Smoky Mountain Recipe 12/12 oz - case

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    Our Smoky Mountain Canned Recipe reaches peak levels of protein, appealing to your dog in every moisture-packed bite, including real pork, premium wild boar and lamb. A powerful antioxidant blend of dried seaweed, cranberries, spinach blueberries and more helps support the immune system and healthy digestion, while rich sources of Omega-3 and 6 promotes a healthy skin and coat.

    Key Benefits:

    - Grain-free

    - No potato or sweet potato: Potatoes are high in carbs and starch and, for dogs, that can lead to obesity and even heart problems. So, unlike other dog food brands, Elevate removes potatoes and even sweet potatoes to create a premium dog food for your pets.

    - No corn, soy or wheat: less itching, help with flatulence and waste issues, support dogs with food allergies, healthy coat and skin, better breath, overall-well being and energy

    - Free of artificial flavors and preservatives

    - Thorough sourcing of ingredients: when sourcing ingredients, Elevate thoroughly vetted their suppliers to ensure quality and safety, which means they carefully selected suppliers known for their high-quality standards in and outside the US, and they didn’t source anything from China.



Inside every dog is a native desire to run, roam, adventure and be outdoors. It’s these instincts that led Elevate on this nutritional journey, crafting premium dog food that provides essential nutrition and energy to help dogs live life at their peak. Choose from dry kibble or wet canned recipes in a variety of savory, real-meat recipes like pork, salmon, chicken, and lamb.

Elevate was created to deliver the premium flavors your dog craves — made with real meat, loaded with superfoods and stripped of the stuff they don’t need.

  • Highly digestible protein and real meat is the base of every formula
  • Chicken, salmon, pork, and lamb create a healthy blend of proteins to support strong, lean muscles and a healthy heart for your pup
  • Free of grains to give your dogs the healthy diet they deserve
  • Benefits include less itching, help with flatulence and waste issues, support dogs with food allergies, healthy coat and skin, better breath, overall well being and energy
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  • Fruits and vegetables that are rich, real and naturally full of antioxidants to support the immune system and healthy digestion
  • Rich sources of dietary fiber made up of lentils, fava beans, chickpeas, and more to aid digestion
  • Essential fats like salmon and canola oil provide a boost of energy for your pup
  • Betaine is the product of the natural crystals extracted from beets - these crystals help support healthier digestion for your dog by reducing the effects of a dysfunctional gut and intestinal infections
  • Ground flaxseeds and brewers dried yeast make up a bounty of Omega 3-6 to help protect the skin and coat
  • Only contains natural flavors and preservatives for a cleaner, healthier product for your pet
  • Made with the precise amount of vitamins and minerals your dog needs to live an elevated life
  • Located in Ogden, Utah at the base of the Rocky Mountains - family owned, American-made company

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