Answers Additional Raw Goats Milk

Answers Additional Raw Goats Milk for Dogs & Cats

According to the Journal of American Medicine, "Goats milk is the most complete food known." Goat milk contains vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, enzymes, protein, and fatty acids utilized by the body with ease. In fact, the body can digest goats milk in only 20 minutes. Having fat molecules one-fifth of the size of those in cow's milk makes it easily digestible and tolerable to those with compromised digestive systems. Carefully prepared raw food is health food, and milk is a raw food designed by nature. When we feed raw milk to our pets, it is equivalent to giving them raw organ meat, raw fat and raw bones. It is the easiest most complete way to deliver raw nutrition. Every pet should experience the benefits of raw goat's milk!

Available in:

    • 16 oz
    • 64 oz

Key Benefits:

    • Grass-fed goat's milk provides natural goodness
    • Quickly and effortlessly enhances your pet's diet
    • Our special ingredients: cinnamon, honey and cultures
    • Great for fussy eaters
    • Comes in environmentally-friendly and recyclable paper cartons

Ingredients:Raw goat's milk with added cultures (Lactococcus lactis and Leuconostoc mesenteroides), honey, and organic cinnamon

Nutrient Analysis per 100g or 3.5 oz serving:

    • Crude Protein: 3.56%
    • Crude Fat: 4.14%
    • Carbohydrate: 4.45%
    • Energy: 21 kcal per 1 oz. or 336 kcal per pint

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