ACANA Singles Limited Ingredient Diet Duck and Pear Formula Dry Dog Food

  • Description

    Limited ingredients shouldn't mean less meat. That's why Acana has made four nourishing single protein formulas, made especially for diet-sensitive dogs. ACANA’s Biologically Appropriate Limited Ingredient foods, perfect for diet-sensitive dogs, are chock-full of meat such as grass-fed lamb, Muscovy duck, Yorkshire pork or Atlantic Mackerel then infused with freeze-dried liver for exceptional taste. ACANA Singles also feature FRESH whole pumpkin and squash for digestive health. These formulas are loaded with 50% meat to nourish your dog according to his evolutionary needs. All meats arrive FRESH or RAW in WholePrey form - a richly nourishing ratio of meat, tripe, liver, kidney and cartilage to nourish your dog naturally. Generous infusions of freeze-dried liver make Acana the perfect choice for fussy dogs.

    Key Benefits:

    - 50% grass-fed Suffolk lamb (Lamb and Apple), 50% Muscovy duck (Duck and Pear), 50% Yorkshire pork (Pork and Squash) and 50% local fruits, vegetables and botanicals delivered FRESH every day

    - Limited ingredient low-glycemic diet with limited carbs for biologically appropriate food that's perfectly suited for all life stages

    - No potato, grain, glutens, tapioca or other plant protein concentrates

    - Nourishing meats, liver, tripe, kidney and cartilage to provide essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals

    - Features freeze-dried liver infusions for increased palatability


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