Hurricane Harvey Assistance

Hurricane Harvey devastated the South just a few short weeks ago and left thousands of families in desperate need of help. During this time we have been actively working with organizations such as Champion Petfoods, Bark to Basics, and Bluebelle's Rescue to collect supplies for families affected by Hurricane Harvey who also have pets. 
We understand that our location is not accessible to every family in need, and because of this we will ship supplies to families in areas most heavily affected by Harvey - for FREE. In order to verify that you are indeed in a disaster area, please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss getting you some supplies. 
We have multiple high quality brands for both dog and cat food to accommodate pets with allergies, so please let us know if your pet has any sensitivities. We will keep this contact form up for as long as we have supplies! We look forward to helping some families and pets in need!