The Benefits of Raw Food

Two words: Raw Food.

The top picture is Ella, Kelsey's foster dog, after she was on Purina dog food at the shelter for several months. Before this picture, she was much skinnier and her coat was much worse due to being on Purina. The top picture is of Ella after gaining weight and being on a 5 star canned food for about 2 months. Even though she gained weight and had more energy from being on a 5 star canned food, her coat was not improving that much and she wasn't growing hair. At first we thought it was scarred over from her food allergies, but we were determined to help her reach optimal health, so we switched completely to frozen raw food.

The bottom picture is of Ella after being on NorthWest Naturals Raw food for less than 2 months! She has no more bald spots, eye boogers, loose stools, or weight loss issues. She is a great example of how raw food really does improve a dog's overall health. 

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